SEO | Search Engine Optimization in Chicago

No No SEO or PPC©

What if paid search campaign PPC or SEO are not enough?

You try SEO & PPC but competition is already there?

Do you dream to be one of the first people when everything starts on internet?


Our Approach to this answer is OWN THE KEYWORD.


  • We have developed a new way; advertisers can advertise their product on the internet.

We not using here a Search Engine Marketing (SEM is a tactic of Internet Marketing that using the promotion of websites
by lifting their visibility in Search Engine Results Pages (SERP's) through tweaking optimization and advertising.
SEM is using Search Engine Optimization (SEO), that finding different ways to adjusts or rewrites website content
to achieve a higher ranking in search engine results pages or use pay per click (PPC) listings).


The advertising show up to the searcher above the browser so is not regulated by the search engine algorithms.


  • We can rent you a keyword for one or more years, one keyword or ten, keyword with one word, or long tail.
  • How to order:
  • It is very simple just email us your desired keyword, we will send you our proposal as soon is possible with instruction, price, and agreement.


This Service Increases Your Success & Save you money on Search Engine Marketing.

Contain very low cost of maintenance.
Getting on top is GUARANTED - you have no competitors, because your keyword (if is available) is reserved based on "first-come first-get".

At current time we can show your Ad to a network of 100 millions subscribers in United States!

  • Show your product to millions of people.


Save your money on PPC and SEO.


  • Annual Flat Fee.