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SEO & Conversion Rate Best Practices

Would it surprise you to learn that most websites are built to be pretty… and not necessarily to sell well? Successful web marketers will tell you that in order for a website to have a high conversion rate it must have certain elements (seo conversion rate best practices) that generally have a powerful effect on conversion. These best practices are true whether you are talking about ecommerce, or B2B lead generation.

This certainly doesn’t mean that websites that do have those conversion rate elements-we like to call them “conversion rate best practices-” aren’t pretty or professional. It just depends on the primary focus of the site! When your site was built, was the primary focus prettiness or was it for high conversion rates?

In our experience, if you start with a focus on elements that lead to high conversion rates (conversion rate best practices) it is very easy to make your site pretty and professional. On the other hand, if you start with a goal of making a site pretty, it is tougher to hit the elements that lead to high conversion rates.

SEO conversion rate best practices cover lots of factors including but not limited to:


  • - Header messaging
  • - Copy strength
  • - Copy formatting & skimmability
  • - Site navigation & cross linking
  • - Offers & incentives
  • - Images Optimizations
  • - Calls to action
  • - Credibility builders
  • - Effectiveness of images
  • - Testimonials
  • - Message clarity
  • - Video and media
  • - The 5 second rule
  • - Trueness to the brand
  • - Designing to the point
  • - Form design
  • - Permission based incentives
  • - Load time & much more



In the process of web developing, consider to consult with the SEO professionals before you start developing one, they may be the best advisers for you or your designers.


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