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Social Media Analysis, Opportunities, and Recommendations

Your company’s social media presence (or lack thereof) could make or break a sale. Simply creating Facebook and YouTube accounts is no longer enough to

maintain a positive and proactive social media campaign. A recent study showed that 59% of businesses that have engaged in social media marketing have

no strategic plan in place. Are you one of the many who are misusing social media opportunities?




Creating and maintaining a social media presence can benefit your company in many ways:


- Increase Traffic: Promoting your content on a variety of platforms exposes your company to a wider audience, thus increasing traffic to your site.

- Build a Sales Base: Having active, informative social media accounts will increase your chances of being “followed” and “liked”, thus widening your audience

for when you announce news, sales, or promotions.

- Instant Customer Feedback: Getting on the front lines of social media will allow customers, to convey, their thoughts on your product – and will allow you to

tend to any problems in order to save a sale.

- Strengthen Company Branding: By establishing an open online identity, you can consistently govern the way your brand is being represented.

- Manage Online Reputation: Social media profiles allow you to have more control over the top results on the SERPs when searching for your company name

and enable you to respond, to users concerns.

- Lead Generation: Use social media platforms to monitor conversations about your industry and bolster promotions and offers.


To help you create a social media plan, AndeMarketing will:


- Analyze your site for potential opportunities in the social media space so that we can make the best recommendations to you for an action plan that you can

take to surpass your competitors.

- After complete analysis of your market, your site, and your competitors, we will recommend to you the best action plans to take.

- We will optimize up to four of your social media pages with 3 anchor text links. This program is perfect for securing multiple listings for your brand names or locations.





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